HP Officejet 5258 WiFi Setup instructions

how to connect hp officejet 5258 printer to wifi

HP Officejet 5258 printer connected to wifi is a major function process. In this blog, we explain how to connect the hp officejet 5258 printer to wireless using hp smart app.

  1. Firstly, check with the basic connections, in-order to stay away from the technical connectivity issues.
  2. Download HP Smart using the provided manual setup card or postcard.
  3. Check whether your HP OJ 5258 Printer is connected to the system and other devices, respectively.
  4. Using the active network, connect your HP Officejet 5258 printer using a wireless network password if required.
  5. Scan the barcode or other referral aspects, download the HP Smart app from the drive.
  6. On network settings, touch network setup and try to restore them.
  7. Select a wireless setup wizard to connect your HP Officejet 52258 printer.
  8. Once your HP Officejet 5258 printer setup is ready to use, using the HP Smart app on your desired device.
  9. Choose the new printer from HP Smart Application, now select your HP Officejet 5258 printer using a W-Fi password to access the wireless network.
  10. Finally, HP Officejet 5258 wireless setup for efficient printing purposes.


HP Officejet 5258 WiFi setup using HP Smart App were defined in detail in accordance with the user needs and clarity. Yet any issues? Just make a step to reach us.

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