HP Deskjet 4152e Printer Setup

 It is the HP Deskjet 4152e All-in-one printer setup through which the printing process is carried-out in less time with ample features settings. It comes with seamless wireless and other connectivity setups to bring excellence in printing work. HP Deskjet 4152e driver setup can bring out the mentioned features to the best if installed to its latest version.

hp deskjet 4152e printer setup

HP Deskjet 4152e Printer Setup

  • To unpack, first, place the printer on the smooth surface.
  • Then, take the sharp object to start the unpacking work by making an incision.
  • Check and take all the printer components to unwrap the packed stuff & covers.
  • Utilize the Official page or HP manual to start the printer connections using the USB or connecting cords. 
  • Further, open the input tray access door and proceed with loading the sufficient paper sheets for printing.
  • Check the printer ink cartridge colors and fix them in the respective slots.
  • Once all the printer requirements are made appropriately.
  • At last, start the flawless print work using the HP Deskjet 4152e printer setup.

HP Deskjet 4152e Driver Download

  • If the HP Deskjet 4152e printer setup is done appropriately, start the next driver setup process by downloading the software first.
  • Use the Official HP Page and get instant support from the driver download page.
  • Tap the driver & Software option to get the drop-down list of driver names for selection.
  • From the list of driver names, select the HP Deskjet 4152e driver by pressing the button or the download option. 
  • Once the driver is chosen, start the download process. Hit the Run option on the downloaded driver file.
  • Use the on-screen guidelines to complete the HP Deskjet 4152e driver installation process efficiently.
  • Add the printer to the desired installed driver software for initiating the print work.
  • Now, start the print job using the reliable HP Deskjet 4152e driver setup.

HP Deskjet 4152e Wifi Setup

  • With the appropriate driver and printer setup, start the wireless setup work using the simple steps.
  • For exceptional printing work, make use of the wireless setup with stable & secured network access.
  • Pick or touch the Setup option using the control panel setup settings and begin the wireless setup.
  • Proceed using the Network or wireless network menu and get linked to the wireless setup wizard guidelines.
  • Meanwhile, get connected with the network settings with the suitable network details like Network name & password, and SSID to the given field.
  • Now check the Wi-Fi configuration using the obvious and stable wireless network settings.
  • Initiate the wireless router nearby the HP Deskjet 4152e printer setup for improved access and hassle-free setup.
  • Finally, connect via HP Deskjet 4152e wireless setup for the colorful print work.

HP Deskjet 4152e Won't Connect to to Wifi

  • First, verify the printer essentials and configurations visually. If any physical damage or loose connections are visible, try to correct them out using the intact connection.
  • To the problem-free Wi-Fi setup, drag the printer setup near the router or vice versa.
  • You must prefer / touch the configuration option with the Network menu> wireless setup wizard option.
  • Try to know the proper network credentials and enter the network name & password to the specified column.
  • Double-check with the WEP and WPA passwords and enter them during the HP Deskjet 4152e Wifi setup procedure.
  • If any type of Wi-Fi setup troubleshoots, use the wireless setup wizard instructions and preferences options.


Hopeful, follow the above procedure to complete HP Deskjet 4152e printer setup and resolve the troubleshooting issues. Need assistance for HP Envy 7640 printer, call us.

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