How to Reset HP Printer?

Every HP Printer & other brands of printer needs Reset at a certain period of usage, in turn, to establish the best functionality. You can expect your HP Printer with active accessibility once you have done with the HP Printer Reset procedures. Try to ensure the requirements for the Reset using the HP Official page and support

Use the given steps to perform Factory Reset procedures to establish the effortless printing work:

  1. Let the printer be actively ON. Now, you need to unplug the connected power cords from the respective port’s connectivity.
  2. Then, use the HP Official page and ensure you have unplugged all the cords & connections properly from the ports.
  3. Eventually, disconnect the USB cables if connected.
  4. Try to press the power button on the HP Printer (Here, you need to press & hold the power button for 30 seconds).
  5. Now, to connect them back- Use the Manual and connect the power cords from the printer’s backside to the electric socket.
  6. Wait for the printer to complete its Reset procedure and start on its own automatically.
  7. Next, turn ON the printer and ensure you have installed the required HP Printer driver Software to proceed next.
  8. If need to download the driver, use the below steps.

How to install the driver Software?

  1. Use the HP Official page and type the device details to get the download option to download the HP printer needs.
  2. Once you have downloaded the driver download process, you need to open the HP Easy Start driver.
  3. Hit the setup option and Accepts the Terms & Condition on the next page.
  4. Pick the Continue option and tap on Control panel >Power light> ON.
  5. Once you finalize with the HP Printer option, click Connect > Continue option.
  6. On the system screen, you will be displayed with the HP printer’s name & SSID.
  7. To join, ensure the network details and confirm to join. If not, enter the credentials manually to join.
  8. During the connection & Configuration, you may get the message stating the wireless connection is temporarily disconnected.
  9. Once you find the connection, hit the Authorize.
  10. On the next step, it automatically retrieves the network password and connects directly to the HP printer.
  11. Then, you will be directed to follow the on-screen prompts. Here, choose the software to be installed. If you notice the option- enable the printing screen. Just tap on Add printer to begin the print queues.
  12. Finally, use the Add window screen to add the printer and Click to add.

If any support for how to reset hp printer required, Contact Our Technical Team for instant Support & Guidance.

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